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WIFEY: Every morning you hear the constant lamentation of "what am I going to wear to work todaaaaay? None of my clothes fit me again :-( ". 
Well Mr. Husband, why don't you just order a gift voucher and be her knight in shining armor?Trust us, she will be eternally grateful and YOU can have a quiet and peaceful morning while she dresses up for work ;)...moreover, how she looks is a reflection on you.

BABY SHOWER: Yes we mean baby shower. Most people get things for the baby and forget about the mummy. Guess what?  She still needs a lot of important stuff after birth e.g. The postpartum shaper is a hot seller that will help her get back her shape after delivery, what about a breastfeeding pillow which is a life saver not just for breastfeeding but for having the best sleep ever while pregnant,  nursing bras are compulsory, privacy covers are extremely useful, pumping bras, nursing nighties, disposable panties... And lots more. Just give her a voucher and we can assure you, your gift may be the most appreciated at the shower. A group of you could also come together to present her a gift voucher... Saves everyone the hassle of thinking of what to buy.
EMPLOYEES: this is a growing trend amongst Employers of choice!  They appreciate their employees not just with a salary but with perks and benefits in kind. An effective and yet relatively inexpensive way to show your employees a little appreciation is by giving them a gift voucher/certificate. It doesn't have to be only your female employees, remember that your male employees also have wives who are pregnant and they probably get the brunt of their wife's complaints about lack of good clothes to wear. Become an employer of choice today and give every expectant mother or father a gift voucher. Besides if your pregnant employees can look good and professional while pregnant that reflects very well on your company. Companies can purchase vouchers in bulk and issue at their discretion.
BIRTHDAYS: This is the most popular reason for getting a voucher and we can understand why. This is possibly one of the BEST gifts you can give any pregnant woman you know. Trust us and thank us later ;)

JUST BECAUSE: There are some of you who are just generous people and in truth out of all the reasons to give a gift voucher, this is one that is guaranteed to get you a blessing in return :). You have pregnant relatives, friends, colleagues, or even casual acquaintances. This is a safe and non intrusive way of just being a blessing to a pregnant lady of any class, race or social status.

The fact is that almost everyone knows at least 1 pregnant person ;)- do an unforgettable good deed and get them a gift voucher for any amount you like, today. Click on the amount you want above, add it to your cart, checkout and we will receive your order immediately. Very easy.

God bless you! 
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