Black Tummy Sleeve

Black Tummy Sleeve
Black Tummy Sleeve
Black Tummy Sleeve
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Hurray! Our best selling tummy sleeves are a life saver (or at least a pocket saver :)

You can continue to wear your pre-pregnancy trousers or skirts by just using the tummy sleeve to hold them in place (where you can’t button or zip up any longer).

This is especially great for anyone with unique sizing like petite, tall or extra plus- you may not be able to find maternity bottoms in your size, so just continue with your regular clothes as the tummy sleeve comes to your rescue.

Actually, it is ideal for ANY pregnant lady because even if you can afford to buy new maternity pants or skirts, this helps you to keep wearing those pre-pregnancy favourites that you just cant seem to find a maternity alternative for ;)

·         works before, during, and after pregnancy

·         smoothes lines from unbuttoned jeans, trousers or skirts

·         wear it folded down or in a single layer for more coverage

·         offers extra tummy coverage when lifting top for nursing/breastfeeding  (so no-one sees your mummy tummy)

·         size 0 will fit most

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