Postpartum Support (For Post Pregnancy Flat Tummy)

Postpartum Support (For Post Pregnancy Flat Tummy)
Postpartum Support (For Post Pregnancy Flat Tummy)
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Postpartum Support Belt (Get A Flat Tummy Quicker!)

The ancient custom of belly binding (tying) has been scientifically improved upon by orthopedic doctors to give a modern garment called the postpartum body wrap. The overall idea behind a post partum tummy wrap is simple. To support the abdomen area, to hold in the flabby tummy/skin and fat so that it doesnt hang, therefore relieving the skin tissue from downward stress (hanging tissue can result in furthering stretch marks or even cause new strecth marks) depending on how much weight you've gained. The postpartum wrap works like a compression garment to support the area that has been "injured" (according to how the body interprets the healing process) allowing blood circulation to happen freely as well as the encouragement of and faster release of the water and air initially retained in the body.

·         the postpartum support belt provides gentle, firm belly support after your baby comes.

·         this support belt helps you return to your normal activities - and wardrobe - sooner!

·         made of a latex-free, whisper-soft elastic, cool and feather soft.

·         invisible under clothing for a discreet look.

·         especially helpful after a c-section.

·         for proper fit and maximum effectiveness, measure around the largest part of your waist, and purchase size small (24-30 in), medium (32-38 in) or large (40-46 in).

·         the postpartum support belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance. grip the support at each end and place the loop pad over your abdomen. stretch, and touch the hook to the loop, and your support is secure! you may vary tension by adjusting the amount of stretch.

·       Made in the USA

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